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ALCTRON PF32 mini stand-mounted reflection filter

products to enable a clear recording than to suppress the reflected sound and reverberation of the room is ALCTRON PF32 mini stand-mount reflection filter.

PF32 mini diffuses the unnecessary reflected sound from the outside by the aluminum frame that covers the body to achieve high sound absorption effect and crystal-clear sound collection environment by uneven sound-absorbing filter of the interior of a thickness of about 4cm. Adjustment of the depth from the microphone to filter it is possible to correspond to the flexible recording environment than for the adapter is included to extend the height of the microphone installation part.

also is convenient for installation and portable to stand because it is lightweight.

Home wide range you can meet the needs until the studio recording from recording


height: 300mm

width: 420mm

depth: 100mm

Weight: 1.3 It can be attached to the straight microphone stand kg

5/8 inch standard.



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