TFZ Exclusive King / HiFi detachable cable in-ear monitor

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— TFZ Exclusive —

Neutral & Balanced Sound · Studio Monitoring · Graphene Driver In-ear headphone · Aureole of Nobel Prize

◇ One year local warranty by Stars Picker (authorised distributor). One to one exchange within warranty period (non-human factor)

【TFZ Exclusive 1, 3, 5 & King】
◆ GRAPHENE drivers from Japan
◆ Detachable cable designed with 0.78mm CIEM 2 pin. You can upgrade the cable to improve the sonic performance.
◆ Strong resolution, transparency and details. If you like the sound tuning of TFZ Series 1, 3, 5 but prefer better clarity, you should not miss Exclusive Series.
◆ Multi-colors available. Superb sound quality with affordable price. Now everyone can enjoy music with HiFi quality.

【What’s GRAPHENE ?】
△ It is the thinnest and hardest nano material. It conducts heat and electricity efficiently and is nearly transparent.
△ Probably the strongest known material. It is about 200 times stronger than the strongest steel.
△ Thickness of the Graphene diaphragm is only 30 nanometre. Ultra thin, high tenacity, low distortion…can represent the live sound perfectly.
△ Scientists who discovered Graphene won the Nobel Prize in Physics in year 2010. Don’t you feel cool to wear a pair of Graphene earphone on-the-go?

TFZ EXCLUSIVE KING Experience Version HiFi In-ear Earphones


  • Exclusive series is tfz brand new hifi audio products, using the latest acoustic technology and material technology. Especially the double magnetic circuit and graphene driver, improve quality of resolution and sound field, incredible restore ability.
  • EXCLUSIVE KING: Based on the structure appearance of the SERIES 5S, built-in a new generation of 12MM dual magnetic self-frequency graphene driver, 12Ω, 110dB, professional HIFI sound quality, easy to drive, exciting sound. TFZ brand hopes to use the latest acoustic technology and acoustic materials for more players to provide a better audio-visual experience.
  • KING Experience version equipped with dual magnetic two-way graphene driver, will show the expected restore effect.
  • Greatly enhanced each frequency transient and resolution.
  • Driver built-in frequency divided system, perfectly balanced the high frequency and low frequency energy distribution
  • Clean and loose sound field make the new series more attractive and full of emotion


  • Driver: 12mm Double magnetic circuit Graphene driver
  • Impedance: 12 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB mW
  • Frequency response: 5 Hz40 kHz
  • Lowest power: 8 mW
  • Connectors: 3.5mm
  • Plug type: Line
  • Cable length: 1.2m


  • TFZ EXCLUSIVE KING Experience version earphone
  • Pouch
  • earhook
  • 4 pairs silicone eartips
  • Clip


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