【TFZ My Love Ltd】foldable & portable headphone

RM600.00 RM499.00

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【TFZ My Love Ltd】foldable & portable


Matching matt black and matt violet earcup, fashionable conical shape design. This shining couple headphone makes you and your beloved looks gorgeous!
HiFi grade N42 NdFeB + 40mm dynamic drivers. Tuned by TFZ sound engineer team that highly rated by oversea audiophiles. Sound signature is smooth, natural and musical.

1 black + 1 violet, total price RM499 (retail price RM600). Yes, RM499 for 2 units. We don’t sell it separately for now.
“Erm…but I’m single wor? Cannot buy one meh?”
Ok, I will give you a chance to change your life. Please leave a message to our Whatsapp 0169849772 this status.


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