ISK RF Reflection Filter

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The iSK RF reflection filter / vocal booth
system is a portable recording unit that will
reduce room ambience within a recording. It has
advanced absorptive walls consisting of 5 pieces
of high quality metal panels with conical foam

This product will create a “dry” vocal or
instrument recording and is widely used for studio
and personal recordings. It will effectively
reduce room ambience, reflected sound and isolate
the microphone from ambient noise.
Item Includes:
– RF Vocal Booth
– Microphone Mounting Piece


Unique design offering the perfect solution for
personal recording
Effectively diffuses acoustic waves surrounding
the microphone keeping the sound from bouncing
back toward the microphone, controlling reflected
sound waves that can cause coloration
Consists of 5 pieces of high quality professional
sound-absorptive metal panels (the 3 center panels
are stationary – the 2 side panels are fordable),
it is easy to adjust the recording area depending
on the situation
Folds down for convenient pack-up and storage
Sharp-shaped professional sound-absorptive foam to
reduce sound echo and diffusion.
Dimensions:(W) 400mm (15.75″) x (H) 320mm (12.60″)
x(D) 260mm (10.24″)
Weight:2.5Kg (5.5lbs)


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